Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deep Love

So i have discoverd this very deep love for making candy and baking. I always liked it before but in the recent years it's become this thing that I just love to do, and have found that i'm not to bad at it! So for the holiday season this year I have done everything from scratch! I was able to learn candy making from a such an amazing lady! Jeanette Crounse who in turned learned from her Mother! I feel so privliged that she has taught me! So I hope that whomever get's these little goodies that i've made that they will love it just as much as I have loved making them! Rosette's, Peanut Brittle, Choco Chip Walnut Cookies, and Toffee
Oatmeal Bread (Just like my Mom used to make)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Recent Happenings

A few weeks ago we got to go to UT for a few days! When I say a few I mean like 8! We had the best time! Such good time that the Hubs shed a tear or two when we were leaving! The first part of our trip included spending time with The Mitchell Family!! I love that family!! There girls are AMAZING young woman! We were spoiled with them! All we had to do was change a diaper!

Front Row: Katee Jo, Madison, Bryan, Angelica
Second Row: Morgan (aka MoCloe), Forrest Jr, Lilly

We also were able to drive up to Logan UT! It was by far one of the most beautiful places I've seen! I could live there, if it weren't for the fact that I love Tehachapi more! Forrest would like to live there! We were able to meet up with a dear friend Sarah (Wood)Hadsell!! It was sooooo good to see her!! She was kind enough to take our family pictures for us and hang with us the whole day!! I love that girl! She also would like us to move there!!! Hmmmm...

After our fun weekend in Roy and Logan, we moved onto West Jordan! We were blessed to get to stay with Forrest's brother Charles and his fam! The boys love their cousins! They all played together very well! In West Jordan we got to do alot! We took the kids fishing, ate at Cafe Rio which really YUMMO!! Then we were off to a wedding for a dear friend Branson Haacke and his new wife Shannon! We had such an amazing tim with all our old missionary buddies!! Willie Willson was one of them we also had the pleasure of spending sometime with!! This trip too we also were able to see Temples that we have not been able to see!! Logan, River Jordan, and St. George! It was amazing to see! We had such a great time with our Family and Friends! Hopefully we will get to visit.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Danceing the night away with FJ!

Forrest Jr's school put on a dance for Mommies and thier sons (and for any other special gal in their life!). He had asked me last week, so of course I said yes! He was totally excited. We came home from school,and running a few arrends and set off to get ready! He was set to impress tonight! Took a shower and with the help of Daddy put some Brut on, and made sure his hair was did ; ) Like any girl before a date I made him wait 5 minutes (not on purpose) as I was finishing getting ready! He was quite the gentlman, opend my doors for me, complimented me, and then started talking about baseball! When we got to the school he was very adiment on me staying put so he could open my door! I didn't open one door tonight! He actually held my hand as we walked up to the entrance, and paid too ; ) He was very ready to dance but also wanted to wait for his best friend Nicholas! So he decided that he would dance anyway! His buddy showed up just a few moments later and happily joined in with Forrest sliding on the floor! I also must say that Nicholas's Mom and I did not get thirsty, the boys were constantly bringing us drinks!
My son is quite the dancer! I am one proud Momma! He was break dancing, did the air guitar while on the floor and spinning in a circle! But what cracked me up the most was when he got on the Hay Bale and was dancing! It reminded me of the time I pulled the chair on the floor at winter ball my senior year!! I took a picture but it's not very good! We danced a couple of times together, I had to show him my moves! And the one slow dance they had almost brought me to tears even though the song was meant for Father's and Daughters. It was just the thought that my first is not a baby anymore! We had so much fun! After wards I took him to the Frosty King for some much needed ice cream (just in case any of my friends are up here go there they have the best buger and shakes in town!) and a snack! I love my Forrest Jr. and am so glad I got to share this time with him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh the Joys of Peeing and Pooping in the Toilet!!

So I started potty training Katee Jo on Sunday, and I must it reminds me of when I started Forrest Jr.! Mostly accidents on Sunday but as the week has gone by, she has gotten alot better!! Today she hasn't had one accident (knock on wood)! She even took a nap with her undies on! I'm not quite sure I'm ready to venture out though with only undies! I'm hopeing it only get's better so that no more diapers are in our future!!
On a side note, lots of other things have been going on! Forrest Jr. is doing great in his T1 class, his teacher Mrs. Phillips is amazing!! His school is putting on a Mother/Son dance and Forrest Jr .has asked me to go with him!! I of course said YES! I'm very excited. Hopefully I can get a pic with my phone (my camera is broken!) and post it! Also Forrest and I have decided to stay here in Tehachapi! We've always loved it here, but living up here is ten times better! So we are begining our adventure of paying off debt, and saving to buy a house! Were so excited to call this place home and to make it our officail home! We will definetly keep everyone posted on how things go! Till then...

Monday, August 23, 2010

College Football

Growing up as a child come fall was the Best thing on earth! Not just because my birthday was right around the cornor or that halloween was coming up, but come Sept. was the end of saturday cartoons, and the begining of College Football! I remember cheering for my dad's teams PENN,BYU... But then I watched Rudy and everything changed! I was a fighting Irish just like Rudy! Then I decided that I was Irish and that, that is where my heratige is from ( I do have irish on my side) so this helped in making my decision! I have a very deep rooted love for this time of year thanks to my parents who taught me the simplest things in life, like staying home and watching college football on staurdays!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Grade! Holy Canolie

Today was Forrest Jr's first day of first grade! He was so excited to go that last night he made sure all of his stuff was neatly hanging on the door shoes ready and school folders ready! (He is my Bob Saget!) We woke up this morning, had pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and Big Forrest gave him a Father's blessing! Then we walked to his school which only took us about 8 mins or so! He is attending Golden Hills Elementary a California Distinguished School!! He starts at 9 in the morning and goes till 3 in the afternoon!! I actually love those hours! His teacher's name is Mrs. Phillips! What an organized lady she is!! There are only 16 kids in the class and she has an aid, which will be great, more personal time with each child!! It's going to be a great year for Forrest!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving on Up!

So this comeing weekend Forrest and I will be moveing our fam up to Tehachapi CA! I am so excited about this move!! It's going to open up so many doors for us! We will actually be able to save for a house!! We are moveing into a really cute 2 bed 1 bath! Yes it's small but small sacrifice for a bigger picture!! The school Forrest Jr will be attending is called Golden Hills Elemantry. They actually just became a distinguished school! They also have a really awesome program for those who are repeating kindergarten;called the T1 program! Transitional first grade. Meaning he will do 1 grade twice, but instead of struggling in a regular first grade class he will be reviewing things he learned in Kindergarten and improving those skills!! They allow 20 kids in the program,Forrest jr is next on the list!! I'm so excited that he might get to do this! Tehachapi has been one of our favorite places, so it helps moving to somewhere you like to be!! However it's just a stepping stone to where our heart is! Northern California!